Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pete Rose Waiting in Exile

Pete Rose left L.A. for Las Vegas and his second wife for a new life, but he's getting no second chance in baseball.

"Pete Rose is at peace," writes Reid Forgrave of 

"At least, Pete Rose says he is at peace. Sure, he'd be the happiest guy in the world if he woke up tomorrow and the commissioner of Major League Baseball reinstated him to the game, ending a suspension from baseball that's 22 years long and counting. Yet baseball's all-time hit king says he's no longer consumed by that possibility. He's not mad or bitter at anyone, not anymore. And he doesn't say a prayer every night, hoping that he'll someday get into the Hall of Fame.

"Charlie Hustle's 70 years old now, and he has other things to live for: five grandchildren, the youngest of whom was born late last year; a stunning girlfriend who is four decades his junior and who has posed nude for Playboy; and a window-filled 14th-floor condo at Panorama Towers, just a few blocks off the Las Vegas Strip." 

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